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How does Diamond Core Drilling London Work?

Diamond Drilling, as you may know, is the act of using a diamond-tipped drill bit to cut through materials which may be too hard or too brittle for a regular drill. Primarily used on concrete, diamond drilling is used for the sake of creating openings in materials which offering precision and integrity- and diamond core drilling London in particular is very popular.

Diamond Drilling is a little bit more than just simply swapping a regular drill bit for a diamond-tipped one, and companies which engage within diamond drilling more often than not have to have specialist equipment and specially trained staff in order to undertake this method of drilling.

How is Diamond Drilling Different from, say, a jackhammer?

  • Diamond Drilling uses a rotary drill, in order to provide precision while doweling. Rotary drills work via producing a pounding force which spins and chisels away at the material as it bores.

  • Diamond Drilling, because there is no hydraulics and very little impact, is safer for the integrity of material due to the fact that there is less impact on the material and less damage which occurs to it as part of the work.

  • Diamond Drilling offers an unparalleled level of precision in a cut. Again, because the drill is a rotary drill, there is a large amount of control and a range of different diameters which can be drilled- far more than with hydraulic drilling. In construction, there are many factors which demand accuracy and precision, and diamond drilling offers just that.

  • Diamond Drills have water run through the driving shaft which ensures that the workspace and work environment remains clean and free of dust. These are operated vertically or horizontally, depending on the requirements of the job.


There are a number of professional companies throughout the UK which offer diamond core drilling, and Drill IT are one of the better ones.

Drill IT offer the excellent quality and reliability you should expect with qualified workers, as well as offering their services at a rate cheaper than that of their competitors.

For more information about diamond drilling in London or Kent, give them a telephone call or visit their website.

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